Equine Services

For over 75 years the Hampton Veterinary Centre has been providing care for horses in and around Cheshire, North Wales, Shropshire and The Wirral.

All of our experienced equine vets have a professional attitude with a compassionate and friendly approach.

Our equine team is highly experienced in all spheres including medicine, poor performance and lameness investigations. We can provide a full range of services from racehorse and competition horses to leisure horses.

Our equine practice has examination stocks, surgical facilities, an in-house laboratory providing most blood results the same day, large stables for hospitalisation with CCTV and turnout paddocks.

We also have modern portable digital radiography, mobile ultrasound scanners, endoscopes and an ECG machine.

We can carry out detailed lameness examinations at the practice with specific hard and soft surfaces and we are also available for pre-purchase examinations.

We also provide stud work and brood mare management and are BEVA approved to carry out artificial insemination with frozen and chilled semen.

Please come and visit or contact us for any further information

Facilities & Services

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