Emergency Out of Hours Cover

What happens to your pet if they get sick or injured in the night or at the weekend. Find out more about our emergency care.

We hope that you never need us in an emergency but if the worst happens then we provide full cover, 24 hours a day. After normal working hours and on weekends after 1pm on Saturday, we use the services of our main Hospital which is based in Hartford, Northwich (this hospital has the highest accreditation that is given by The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons). At this centre in addition to regular day staff, they have a dedicated team of experienced veterinary surgeons and nurses who work during nights and weekends.


We have used the hospital on a trial basis for over a year now and had very positive feedback. The benefits of a fully staffed hospital have outweighed the inconvenience of distance.


We realise that you may not know if the symptoms your pet might display constitutes an emergency or not. Do not worry! If you are in any doubt, please ring the usual practice number and your call will be transferred to a trained receptionist or nurse who can advise you if the problem needs to be seen immediately.


We do realise that it is not ideal to have to travel further in most cases to Hartford than to Hampton but this disadvantage is greatly offset by the continued presence of experienced qualified staff on the premises throughout the night so that intensive care can be given where necessary. Furthermore, we are part of the same practice group as Hartford and they have full access to all of our patient records, including previous treatment and medication which may be vital.

If you are unsure about this in any way or would like further clarification then please contact Bill or Euan at Hampton.



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